All our Alarm Systems are connected to the Thompsons Security Groups Alarm Monitoring Control Room. The alarm system comprises of various components linked via a hardwired network or a fully wireless configuration. In order to make the system as secure as possible various peripheral devices will be added.

  • Magnetic contacts for doors and in some cases windows
  • Passive infra-red detectors which are generally triggered by a rapid change in ambient temperature
  • Fixed panic buttons can be installed in strategic, convenient places throughout the premises
  • Internal and/or external sirens sound give an audible alarm, while an optional strobe light mounted


Thompsons Security Group will assess your perimeter security requirements and specify the appropriate security and electric fencing.


CCTV can be installed to monitor activity on-site and remotely via the Security Control room.


Intercoms are very beneficial when used as part of a security system, they are easy to install and can be installed in any security system on any property.


Networked communication is provided for in complexes and residential estates. This allows communications to the security gate house and allows for communication amongst residents.
Additional Features include internet provision, broadband internet, web based security surveillance, security cameras can be linked to your cellphone, telephone or computer screen, screen visitors via your home phone. Accounts and levies can be paid and checked through the estate website.

Fire System

Thompsons Security Group provides a complete fire risk assessment solution. Our consultants are able to offer a comprehensive and consistent risk management service. Upon completion of the fire risk assessment you will be provided with an easy to read customized report. This will form the basis of the client’s on-going fire safety procedures.


We have implemented an automated number plate recognition system for use in the monitoring, identification and recovery of stolen vehicles. The technology is used in car parks and scans the number plates of vehicles making use of a database of stolen vehicles. A signal is then given and the necessary authorities are identified. This is just one of the unique ways that Thompsons Security Group is embracing technology to fight criminal activity.