Thompsons Security Group performs a thorough security risk analysis or risk assessment with each client. Identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities is essential to the fundamental security of any organisation. Thompsons Security Group will then ensure that controls and expenditure are fully commensurate with the risks to which the organisation is exposed.

  • Thompsons Security Groups’ Control seeks to countermeasure any threats:
  • TSG Deterrent Controls reduce the likelihood of a deliberate attack
  • TSG Preventative Controls reduce the likelihood of a deliberate attack
  • TSG Corrective Controls reduce the effects of an attack
  • TSG Detective Controls discover attacks and trigger corrective controls


Prior to engaging with a client, Thompsons Security Group’s team of risk assessors perform checks on the buildings, parameters and potential access points. Each team of assessors provide a comprehensive list of exposure points with a suggested list of recommendations to reduce these dangers. A complete project plan is provided that is mapped out against the clients budgetary parameters.


Thompsons Security Group has made an active decision to cooperate with initiatives such as Business Against Crime in collecting information that identifies high risk areas. Thompsons deploys resources according to risk management principles that will reduce criminal activity. We have made use of an effective tool for targeting crime pro-actively (Hot Spot Model) which relies on Geographical Pattern Analysis (GPA).

Energies are targeted efficiently with the primary aim being the reduction of crime in the identified hotspot areas. Other crime risk factors are input into the model in order to determine the risk level. This product is updated and circulated weekly. We hope the sharing of this information will assist clients to achieve significant reductions in combating crime for the benefit of the public and our institutions.

The report gives a breakdown of the following:

  • Projected high-risk days
  • High risk provinces in chronological order for the coming week
  • Lessons learned from previous reporting period and modus operandi
  • Breakdown of criminal activity
  • Robberies, cash-in-transit heists and ATM attacks