Thompsons Security Group has a fleet of response vehicles on permanent patrol 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, operated by efficient, highly trained response officers. All vehicles are in radio contact with the control centre, receiving and sending critical information pertaining to alarm activations and incidents throughout the patrol areas. Armed Response provides a passive and active deterrent to burglars and other threats to your family, your residence and your business.


Thompsons Security Group has the ability to monitor your alarm system in your own home. The monitoring centres are all manned 24 hours a day by highly trained personnel. All Thompsons Alarm Systems are linked and monitored by the control centre and once a signal is received by the monitoring equipment, it is analysed and sent to the designated operators who will ensure that the instructions for that client are checked, a vehicle dispatched and the client is called and advised of the activation. Comprehensive notes are kept on all activations and are archived for future reference should the need arise.


The reduction in vehicle theft and a decrease in violent attacks on shoppers at shopping centres can be attributed to the active

presence of car guards. Thompsons Security Group offers well trained guards that are friendly, courteous and helpful to shoppers while remaining vigilant in the protection of assets.


We provide CCTV solutions for security surveillance in industrial and commercial premises. We record on-site using a time-lapse recorder as well as at the remote monitoring centre on computer hard drives. More sophisticated systems can be made up and may include multiplexers, splitters, pan and tilt heads, infra-red lenses and many more high tech items. Should the need arise to view the CCTV footage off-site, these events can also be monitored by the control centre. We can then dispatch the appropriate reaction teams to handle the situation.


We offer each of their clients an additional service at the close of each year. An annual report is compiled that outlines the following:

  • The incidents and measures used to correct them if any occured
  • The processes and procedures implemented
  • The areas of risk within the building
  • Suggestions and recommendations


Thompsons Security Group is an excellent choice for special events, conferences, conventions, private parties, charity events, business gatherings, red-carpet events and black-tie affairs. We coordinate sophisticated security operations for well-known arenas, stadiums, concert tours, high-level red carpet events, 5 star hotels and casinos, racetracks and political gatherings. Our clients know they can depend on us to be proactive and highly professional. When it comes to protecting individuals at special events, and guarding against theft and burglary, Thompsons Security Guards are at the top of their class. Services Offered:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Armed Response
  • Vehicles Patrols and Guarding
  • K9 Dog Units
  • CCTV
  • Riot and Strike Control
  • Access Control
  • General First Aid Services